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Dr. Roksar rebuilt my bite and did a great job. After years of grinding down my teeth and worsening jaw pain in the joints, I had almost completely ruined my teeth and my jaw joints. After visiting five dentists, I decided on Dr. Roksar because of his training and reputation. Now I've been free of jaw pain for two years and only needed to see him to get a new night guard. I highly recommend him.

Prosthodontist on the Upper West Side



Dr. Roksar (the Rock star) has a great practice over on 70th St and Riverside. Everyone is very welcoming and organized, they were great to work with my insurance, and the doctor and hygienists work so well together. I always feel like I'm in the best care with the least amount of discomfort. I'll be going here a long time!

Dental Office on the Upper West Side



I found Dr. Roskar 4 years ago when I moved into the neighborhood. He is one of the finest, professional dentists I have ever met. Being local makes it so convenient especially for routine exams and emergencies. I highly recommend Dr. Roskar. Also, his office is clean and the staff is friendly. His Assistant Carol is an angel!!!

Prosthodontist on the Upper West Side



Excellent experience! Dr. Roksar was wonderful with my son and I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of his services. Entire office staff were extremely helpful and patient. Thank you so much!!!

Prosthodontist on the Upper West Side



Dr. Roksar has been my dentist for 20 years, I have had root canals, caps and implants, his dental technology and skills are the best I have ever experienced; his staff is very professional and office is extremely clean. I would definitely recommend all of his services.

Dental Office on the Upper West Side



I have been a patient of Dr. Roksar for over 10 years. He has treated me and my children with the highest professional standards. More important he is wonderful person always treating us with kindness and consideration. Dr Roksar takes the time to explain and answer questions. His dental assistant Carol is a most competent professional in addition to being a caring and kind person. I highly recommend Dr. Roksar.

Prosthodontist on the Upper West Side



The *best* dental services I’ve received in NYC. I’ve been to Dr. Roksar’s office for multiple teeth cleanings which have always been a pleasant experience. I even needed a difficult cavity filled (complicated location) at one point and he fixed it perfectly with zero complications. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Prosthodontist on the Upper West Side



I have been a patient of Dr. Roksar for over 10 years and would not ever think of going to anyone else. He and his staff are professional and more than that, welcoming. The care and service I have received is outstanding. I heartily recommend him to anyone who asks me for a recommendation.

Dental Office on the Upper West Side



I found Dr. Roksar to be an extremely effective dentist particularly since this meeting has been during the pandemic. Finding him has been one bright spot during this stressful time. I will certainly continue to be his patient.

Prosthodontist on the Upper West Side


Six weeks before my wedding I was hit in the mouth with a hockey puck, lost a tooth, and required a lot of dental work. Dr. Roksar was EXCELLENT! He walked me through the process of taking my braces on the front of my teeth (put on during emergency surgery not preformed by Dr. Roksar) and moving them to behind my teeth so I wouldn’t have braces showing in my wedding pictures. He also shaved my teeth down so I could eat solid foods again. (I went 2 weeks on a liquid diet.) I highly recommend Dr. Roksar for his patience, professionalism, and quality of work.


Dr. Roksar is a fantastic dentist! Both my husband and I have been visiting him for years for our primary dental care. He always takes time to thoroughly answer questions and explain any procedures. Today, Dr. Roksar bonded and polished a few of my front teeth which had chipped. He took great care to make sure that I liked what I saw, and I am extremely happy with the results! Thank you Dr. Roksar for your wonderful work!


Dr. Roksar is terrific! Such quality work, professional and friendly. As is his staff. And they always take care of insurance paperwork so it’s super easy, also very fairly priced. I’ve had cavities filled, crowns installed and many other procedures and cleanings over past 10 years, all excellent. Office is bright and cheery, and great location on 70th x Riverside. I recommend Dr. Roksar and his practice very highly.


Dr. Roksar is a great dentist. He is highly skilled in all types of dental procedures and provides excellent care to both my husband and myself as well as my son. His staff is professional and the office is pleasant. We have been going to him for many years.


Always A Great Experience I have been going to his office for 14 years. Always a great experience! Dr. Roksar is extremely caring and knowledgeable. Dr. Roksar is very kind, and patient - he makes it easy to trust him. He’s so good at explaining what he is going to do so I can know what to expect. He is professional and does not try to push extra procedures or services. Dr.Roksar did few root canals, implants, crowns, veneers for me. His office is clean and comfortable and his staff is very friendly. I always recommend Dr. Roksar to my friends and family members.


Dr. Roksar has been my dentist for 10 years, He is a very dedicated.


Dr. Roksar and his office are by far the best that I have been to in NYC, and I highly recommend Dr. Roksar to all potential patients. You will be treated professionally and respectfully each and every time with fantastic results for your oral health and hygiene.


Dr. Roksar is simply the best! Kindness high professionalism and competence.


I came in to Dr. Roksar office with pain because I had a work done by another dentist and the preparation of the tooth was not the best and the temporary crown came out. He was very kind and took care of me by fixing the tooth and making me a new crown and adjusted my bite. thank you for your kindness.

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